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Welcome to my website. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, please get in touch. Contact info down below.

Discover the latest album of my band - Sangue Suor.
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some of my

published albums

Knok Knok

Knok Knok

New album coming up!

I've always enjoyed trying new genres and pushing the limits of playing the instrument so I'm very excited about this new record. It arose from an instant chemistry that sparked with Armando Teixeira (Balla). We share the compositions with Nuno Rebelo (Mler Ife Dada), Tiago Castro (Acid Acid) and Miguel Leiria Pereira.

sangue suor

O Salto

The album "O Salto" represents an unknown dive. Three drummers (Ricardo Martins, Susie Filipe, Rui Rodrigues) who set out to deconstruct the very concept: "drummer". Just like in the Olympic jump, on this album we also have the six ways to jump into the void (the six themes that make up the album). Before reaching the water there are six ways to start the fall. And, for this first leap (Forward), which is the number one advancement of the project, they invited Surma. In Sangue Suor there is a desire to avoid choruses and to provoke listeners.

André Pizarro


It was very interesting to share André´s fresh aproach. "Foz" is André Pizarro's first EP and fourth original release. The Portuguese composer has been maturing his sound and now presents an immersive voyage mixed with world music and jazz elements. The result of this growth can be listened in this new release, "Foz": a musical narrative divided into four parts.

At freddy's house

09 Roads

Fred is a long time friend and I had the privilege of working with him on many occasions. "The singer-songwriter At Freddy's House's second album - "09 Roads" - pulls us out of the house and pushes us onto the small paths that make up the stories and journeys of a countless number of characters. Life came out of 9's full belly . A small group of people who spread across the roads and away from zero and nothing. Touching the skin of our feet and the layers of the ground, the songs let us think about the weight of each life on places in the world. In luggage and in their pockets they carry folklore torn from the roots of lands to the West.

ângela polícia


Once again I had the opportunity of working with a dear friend: "Ângela Polícia" is a manifestation of social intervention and emotional sneezes.
In a fusion of various urban musical styles such as hip-hop, dub or punk, Â.P. addresses varied themes such as awareness, injustice, violence, depression, unity, routine, bohemia or survival.
There is no need to hide the weapons and material as this Police Officer is on our side."


oito seres sem ordem

OSSO is a fusion of musicians of different styles and contexts. The fascination with hip-hop's versatility in adapting to any musical scene is the fuel of this group that melds into beats, rhymes, scratches and samples. In the summer of 2018 they released their debut album Oito Seres Sem Ordem.

Solo album


Rui Rodrigues composed the songs based on a rhythmic structure and invited big names for the arrangements and accompaniment, a task that generally falls to percussionists. Collaborating on this challenge are Adolfo Luxúria Canibal (Mão Morta), Michael Lauren (Drummers Collective NYC), Peyo Peev (Bulgarian Project), Ronaldo Fonseca (peixe:avião), Alessandra Liberalli (Monstro Mau), Federico Cristiano (At Freddy's House), Mulheres do Minho, Galandum Galundaina and, among others, Budda (Budda Power Blues), who recorded, mixed and produced the album.

big fat mamma

parece que é difícil

They won the 3rd Gondomar Modern Music Festival and the 1998 Termómetro Unplugged. Following their victory at the Termómetro Unplugged, the song "Mr. Knows It All" is included on the Promúsica magazine CD.

The band's first album, "Parece que é difícil", produced by Miguel Pedro, was released in July 2003 by Universal. The album features Miguel Ferreira (Clã) and Pac Man from Da Weasel.

these are some of the projects

I'm working on


"Emergência" radio program. I talk to established artists and invite them to nominate emerging musical projects.


Series: What do musicians want from drummers? Watch interviews and conversations about drumming views.


I'm working on a new drum book. Stay tuned!


In 2023/2024 I will share a lot of content. Visit my Membrz.Club and try out some of the challenges.

Full Time musician, author, teacher and researcher. based in Braga/Porto.

music discovering

Music is and should be to a large extent an honest expression of the person who chooses to communicate through it.

Each person is an individuality. And I've noticed over the years that one of the most appreciated characteristics in drummers is precisely that individuality, that unique voice, even though there may be common elements between musicians.

education & research

Discovering your voice is an endless process. with ups and downs, with doubts and certainties.

You can aim to be a flawless performer or an out-of-the-box creative. You might just want to play around with your band and do it more consistently. It's all good!

You just shouldn't be afraid... to take chances... to have your voice.


live concerts


recorded songs


published books



musical career


Pioneer in publishing percussive content in Portugal. Big Fat Mamma award-winning drummer (founding element). Creator of the "Bombos com Alma" association, founder of the “Alma do Bombo” festival and the “Emergência” radio show.

Speaker at various festivals and congresses, aggregator, promoter of the relation between rhythm and communication and content manager in the program “What do drummers want from musicians?” on the youtube channel: @ruirodriguesdrumming

He has recorded numerous albums in different genres and is the founder of the trio of drummers: “Sangue Suor”.

The deconstruction of the "drummer" concept is a theme common to the pedagogical, artistic and musical work of Rui Rodrigues.

Recorded Artists

Big Fat Mamma, Red House Blues Band, Pyroscaphe, Ricardo Martins, At Feddy's House, OSSO, Ângela Polícia, Ruído Roído, Sangue Suor, Knok Knok.

Music research

published books

Hardcover and ebook edition (pt, en-gb)

Ritmos Tradicionais Mirandeses

Book about Mirandese traditional rhythms.

Hardcover and ebook edition (pt, en-gb)

Manual de Percussão Tradicional Grau I

Elementary grade on traditional Portuguese rhythms.

Hardcover and ebook edition

A Toque de caixa (On the double)

This book intends to present itself as a support for pedagogical practice in pre school education (oriented towards creative expression - musical education).

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Rua dos Biscaínhos, 37, 3ºfrente, 4700-415, Braga, Portugal